Bridge of Spies Blu-ray

Bridges of Spies blu-ray

The movie happens during the Cold War, and it tells that an American lawyer is assigned to defend a Soviet spy in court.

It was first released in October last year and now Bridge of Spies blu-ray is available.

You have Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair, Tom Hanks in the starring role, and Matt Charman (with the help of Joel and Ethan Coen) as screenwriter. That’s a who’s-who of talent, amounting to one of the more entertaining, if understated, historical dramas in recent years.

What’s especially great about the movie is how it manages to capture the look and feel of the Cold War. Adding to that is the fact that filming took place in some of the real-life locations, which adds to the authenticity.

Except for that, the blu-ray release adds some extras which further shed light on the events that transpired. Enjoy yourself of blu-ray version by blu-ray player software and don’t skip the bonus features and they will bring you more fun.


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