The Intern Blu-ray Released

Yesterday, January 19, The Intern Blu-ray released and I bought the blu-ray disc at Amazon. Watched this warm-hearted movie again at home with my friends by my blu-ray player for windows and I was still moved by the old man, Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro). Though he retired, he returned to work and helped Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) a lot in her job and life.tin-02 (1)

As a CEO, Jules always has little time to take after her family and child. Ben is an intern of Jules’ company and works as a secretary to her. After some time, Ben makes Jules like him and they become good friends. Jules is not happy in her life because she found her husband cheated on her. That is not a coincidence because her husband is a househusband and would have to take their child to school. He meets children’s mothers and he can’t help himself.

In the marriage, one is busy at work all the time and the other one is busy in family stuff. After a long time, they have little in common because they live different kinds of life. I am confused how to keep a good relationship. Suddenly I missed The Sex and The City. Carrie analyzed a lot about the couple life.

Luckily, Jules and Ben are just good friends and they didn’t cross the line. I am afraid Jules cheated too but the movie didn’t worked that way. I admired Ben because he didn’t waste his life even though he was seventy. He went back to work and realize his values. I was moved and motivated so from now on, I would be positive at my work and life.

I will treasure the movie and whenever I am free, take it out and watch again with my blu-ray player software.


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