The Martian Blu-ray Available, 4k version coming

The Martian just released its blu-ray and I can’t stop watching it and find it amazing. So I will watch it by my blu-ray player for windows.


Meanwhile, there is also a 4k blu-ray which will be available in March 1. If you are a 4k lover, you can wait until but I can’t wait to watch the blu-ray version.

It tells a fictional story about a NASA astronaut stranded on Mars. There were many fictional movies before this one but it has its own specialties. That is why it has won the Golden Glode Awards. The Martian took home Golden Globes for Best Picture and Best Actor, both in the comedy/ musical category.

Matt Damon played the main character and he is Academy Award winner.

The difference between the blu-ray version and the common version played in the cinema is that blu-ray added 90 minutes of special features and if you are also interested in it, own your discs and watch it by blu-ray player software.


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