Vikings, Sherlock, American Crime latest season coming

It is new year now and TV series new season are coming too.

Sherlock: The Abominable Bride will accompany the audience the whole year until 2017. Some girls are already crazy about Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. You can also recall the first three seasons. Amazon provides blu-ray and dvd version and you can go to buy or rent. Watching it on PC and Mac is another enjoy. Blu-ray player software will accompany all the time.vikings_season3_horiz

Meanwhile, Vikings: Season Four is also coming and official trailer is released by History. It has increased the episode count for the latest season to 10 episodes. If you didn’t watch the first three season, you can visit Amazon to buy the collections. Watch this will help you know more about English history.

Last but not the least, American Crime became popular since the first season in 2005. Now it has come to season 11 and many fans watched the whole TV series since the first season. I really hope to watch the latest season if time permit. These ten years is really important to the young people. In the series, we can find our shadow.

I will watch these fabulous TV series at home and have a great night. Watch the old ones by mac blu-ray player and latest version by TV.


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