Blu-ray movie recommend: Pan 3D & War Room

This week Blu-ray world has shown many new blu-ray movies and Pan 3D & War Room are two famous.

Want to watch these exciting movies by your own blu-ray player? Only download blu-ray player for windows and you can have an amazing experience.

Watch War Room Blu-ray player software

War Room tells a story a couple and their daughter live a happy life. But in reality, their life is such a mess. Miss Clara worked as their guidance and she is wise woman. With her help, the heroine began to fight for her family and do you want to know what will Tony choose? Buy a blu-ray disc and watch with your family in this special holiday.

Pan 3D happened during the Second World War, Peter was carried to Neverland and he was told that he would end the war. Will he do this alone or does he have allies? More exciting plot is waiting for you. Hook is one of his allies and have you feel more excited?

Christmas is coming and everyone has his own way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Staying with family and watch a movie is a great idea.


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