The Beatles: 1 Blu-ray, remember classic

The Beatles became popular about 50 years ago and there are many people who like them nowadays.24140947

On Nov 6, The Beatles 1 Blu-ray was on sale and 27 Beatle music promo videos in surround sound. Fans of The Beatles can save a lot when seize the chance. Meanwhile, use a blu-ray player software to watch the video is necessary.

Some products of The Beatles:

“She Loves You” (1963)

The lads in Sweden, performing “She Loves You” on Stockholm TV for the show Drop In, with Beatlemania in full flower all over Europe in October 1963. (The U.K. press had only started using the word “Beatlemania” a few days earlier.) The confidence level is surging — you can see that they have their eyes fixed on the toppermost of the poppermost.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” (1964)

A live performance from the BBC special Around The Beatles — John and Paul jump into the cold-open vocal intro, a little ragged but caught up in the electric excitement of being Beatles, playing in the round, surrounded by dazed-looking kids. This was the same TV special where they acted out a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream with John and Paul as the star-crossed lovers Pyramus and Thisbe.

You can own your blu-ray disc to enjoy your idol’s video at home and watch it by a blu-ray player software with your family.


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