Stung Blu-ray

“Stung” was a very thrilling and an exciting creature feature about killer wasps. A swarm of giant killer wasps attack a high class garden party and they end up killing and eating just about everyone in attendance. A group of people manage to survive the attack and barricade themselves in the mansion. Now the group of people must try and stop the killer wasps and survive their deadly attacks.

The story is funny and also very creepy. Download blu-ray player and enjoy it.background-1

“Stung” works well for many reasons, the first of which involves the chemistry between the film’s lead actors (Matt O’Leary and Jessica Cook). They play employee and employer, respectively, and are sent to a lush garden party to bartend and serve the patrons. The actual film setting is unknown but filmmakers hint that it’s supposed to be somewhere in New England in the making-of special feature.

Clifton Collins Jr. (who plays the film’s main villain) likes to think that “Stung” is 2015’s answer to the classic monster movie “Them!” the film about oversized ants. He and all of the other main actors are part of the “Making of Stung” bonus feature. Writer Adam Aresty actually went to a garden party where there was a wasp infestation, inspiring him to write “Stung.”

Several production blog videos can be viewed as part of the special features on the Blu-ray and in case you can’t get enough of them, online links to find more blogs are offered up.

Now would you like to watch Stung blu-ray? Download blu-ray player and enjoy it.


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