Inside Out Blu-ray Review

Inside Out will bring you into a world where you will experience a wonderful adventure and meet a young girl named Riley and her engaged emotions.


The film Inside Out is very unique and very imaginative about the emotions of the heroine girl Riley. As she goes through a tough time of trying to fit into a new city and a new school, somewhere along the way, Riley’s joyful thoughts get lost and her emotions have to find a way to get the perfect balance of joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust, in order to bring Riley’s normal self back.

The beautiful contrast between the human character animations and the more exaggerated emotion characters are eye-popping with obvious painstaking detail found in the clothing textures, hair and skin types. Joy is especially stunning as a glowing, sprite-like bundle of energy, literally crackling around her body edges.

Inside Out was an emotional roller coaster that ultimately exceeded my expectations. It was a very unique film and highly imaginative. It can help children understand how emotions work and why we have those emotions. It was not only a great story but it also looked beautiful. It was very vibrant and appealing to the eyes. The extras included with the Blu-ray combo pack are awesome and interesting. The bonus feature disc was a great idea and gives the Blu-ray combo pack more value.

Now you can download blu-ray player and have a great enjoy of this fantastic joy.


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