How to play Blackhat Blu-ray on PC?

This week Blackhat and some other movies come to blu-ray. I watched Blackhat by windows 8 Blu-ray player and it played very well.

Michael Mann’s action/drama Blackhat starring Chris Hemsworth is available this week on Blu-ray Disc, DVD, and On Demand. The 2-Disc combo edition from Universal Studios includes a BD, DVD, and Digital HD copy via UltraViolet or iTunes. Blu-ray exclusives on the combo include bonus featurettes “The Cyber Threat” and “On Location Around the World,” as well as the additional feature “Creating Reality” (also available on DVD). The lowest price we found for Blackhat on Blu-ray is $16.99 (MSRP $29.99).

And now, for the not so acclaimed movies. Chris Hemsworth is undeniably a star, especially when you consider the number of people online crying foul over the limited screentime Thor got in the new Avengers movie. But Hemsworth’s star power wasn’t enough to generate a fat box office take or good reviews for Blackhat, an espionage thriller that opened during the January dead zone, even with Michael Mann at the helm. The story revolves around a brilliant criminal hacker (Hemsworth) whose talents are called upon by the FBI and the Chinese government to help track down a network of cyberterrorists. Pretty timely stuff, right? Unfortunately, critics found the film stale and mostly lifeless, benefiting little from Mann’s typically stylish direction and mistaking the frantic click-clack of a keyboard for suspense. At just 33 percent on the Tomatometer, it’s a false step for Hemsworth and another unfortunate blemish on Mann’s recent filmography.

If you are also interested in Blackhat, go to Amazon and watch it by your windows 8 Blu-ray player. Just a player and an external blu-ray drive, you can watch your Blackhat blu-ray at home.


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