Couples, learn how to live in harmony

In American TV series, many characters are couples. They bring happiness to us, and their puzzle makes us thinking sometimes we can deal with our troubles according to their ways.

Have you ever hoped that you can experience an unexpected proposal? Bended knee, roses, diamond ring and expressing love etc. Hoping getting married at a church and hopefully say “Yes, I do!” to each other. This is certainly the best scene. After marriage, you will experience lots of trivial matters. However, to a beloved couple, they can treat these thing as happiness. They hope to give birth to a child and do the housework together.

Even so, they can meet troubles in daily life. How to deal with them is very important. Let’s see how the couple in TV series enjoy their happiness and solve their problems.



Friends is a classic TV series and Monica and Chandler left me a deep impression. Nearly every girl has a dream that is she can have a romantic proposal. Monica is just this kind of girl and she was expecting Chandler’s proposal for a long time. But Chandler is always shy to express himself. Moreover, he is Virgo and he wanted to pick up time and place. Monica is so eager that she pretend to go away to force Chandler to move on. Finally, Monica proposed to Chandler and the scene was so moving, which made many couples jealous. If we can stop there, the scene could be eternal.


Proposal is difficult, but when comparing to marriage, it is just a piece of cake. Every couple must experience a lot of challenge when marrying. Some may make silly mistakes. In Modern Family, when Jay remarried, he invited his ex-wife. Maybe because of heart breaking or jealousy, Jay’s ex-wife made Gloria’s wedding such a mess. But she can do nothing but toleration. Really feel sorry for her.

Comparing to their wedding, Howard’s is really romantic. In Big Bang, he had lots of girlfriends and once I don’t like him. I think he is a womanizer. Maybe they are not his true love, finally he decided to marry Bernadette and he designed a romantic wedding. His wife must think marrying to a technique man is also happy.

There are a lot to say between couples. Decades of living with a same person, that is really hard. You can either like a friend to understand and accompany each other, or like lover always having a lot of words to say to each other. When both of you get old and have grey hair, your love transfer to kinship, you can still quarrel with each other. This proves you still care about your couple and you still have energy to argue with him/her. That is the most romantic.

I have watched many TV series and I summarized the couple’s methods. They care about each other because they love their wife/husband. So they can tolerate and talk to when they meet trouble. I watched these TV series blu-ray discs by my blu-ray player for mac because sometimes I want to treasure them as my memory.


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