Furious 7 is finally coming

Furious 7 is set to come on April, 2015. It is the last installment in the Fast& Furious film series. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker are the main characters.

On Nov 30, 2013, Paul Walker met an accident and the film was only half completed. So the film was delayed until now.

I didn’t notice the series at first until someday, someone I liked told me he admired Van Diesel very much. Then I began to notice the actor and his films. I searched the series and watched them one by one. Now Furious 7 is coming to show and I hope I can watch it with him. The past days can never come again. Whenever I watched the actor and the series, I will remember this handsome guy, who is as tall as Van Diesel and as handsome as him too. The series meant a lot to me and I will certainly go to the cinema to watch Furious 7 and remember those beautiful days.

The first several films are now available on Blu-ray and DVD, I watched them by my mac blu-ray player and enjoyed a great time with it. It brought me a lot of memories and gave me an excellent time.


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