This week, Lucy and other blu-ray movies coming

On Jan.20th, Lucy by Luc Besson came to the blu-ray screen and it is Luc Besson’s first unqualified commercial success in North America as a director. I can finally watch the blu-ray of it by Blu-ray player for PC in my own home.

Lucy now is available on blu-ray and DVD. The movie is based on an assumption, humans only using 10% of their brains. Now we know it is false but Besson believe it is right and according to this, the movie comes.

Scarlett Johansson plays the actress Lucy and she is just an average woman who gets mixed up in a bad situation. Meanwhile, she is forced to work for a drug lord. As the movies goes on, there are some absurd scenes. Many people like to watch the movie totally because of the beautiful heroine.

Why choose blu-ray? Because some of the features are exclusive to the Blu-ray. Lucy arrives on home video in a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo pack. Enjoy yourselves.


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