‘Big Hero 6’ wins ‘Interstellar’ with $56.2 million

Last weekend, ‘Big Hero 6’ wins ‘Interstellar’ with $56.2 million in Box Office. I have compared these two fabulous movies in my blogs earlier and personally, I prefer Big Hero 6. I like the Disney style which is lovely and warm. You may have the opposite opinion and you can stick to yours.

‘Big Hero 6’ opened with an estimated $56.2 million to Interstellar’s estimated $50 million. As Deadline points out, Interstellar “marks the first time in five films and 12 years that a Nolan film hasn’t opened at No. 1.” Interstellar opened Wednesday so its domestic total stands at $52.5 million thanks in part to its higher-priced IMAX run.

Disney sold this one primarily on the strength of its super-powered action and the crowd-pleasing sidekick robot (Baymax). The trick now is to expand the campaign to highlight the colorful supporting cast of would-be science nerd superheros. The longterm comparison points remain Wreck It Ralph and A Christmas Carol, both of which opened over the first weekend of November in 2012 and 2009 respectively. If Big Hero 6 plays like Wreck It Ralph ($49m debut/$189m domestic cume), it gets to a whopping $ 216m domestic, good for one of the biggest Disney toon releases behind only Frozen ($400m), The Lion King ($422m via rereleases, $312m on first release), and Aladdin ($217m). If it plays like Robert Zemeckis’s A Christmas Carol ($30m/$137m), it gets to $255m domestic. That probably won’t happen, but it goes to show you how leggy that alleged “flop” really was five years ago (it earned $325m worldwide, but cost $200m to produce).

This is a profession comparison by two websites and I copied them in order to show you more professional knowledge. If you still want to watch these movies again. Wait for the blu-ray disc to come and you can download the Blu-ray player for Mac to try to play it at your home. Enjoy your movie.


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