‘Nightcrawler’: teffific and handsome star

Recently, superhero film is popular. ‘Nightcrawler’ is such kind of a movie: fiction, superhero. It will come to screen on 31 Oct. in USA.

In ‘Nightcrawler’, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Louis Bloom, the main character. He eats disgusting food and lives in the street. Because of unemployed situation and with little choice, he became more and more desperate. Then he began to steal. And one day, he found nightcrawler…


More details, watch by yourself and you will enjoy it.

Beyonce and Jay Z support Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere at the New York. Wish Jake’s movie win a big success.

While waiting for it to come, watch some other films by Jake is a good choice. “Prince of Persia”, “End of Watch,” “Prisoners,” and “Enemy”, they are all fabulous. Watch the blu-ray version, you can use Aurora Blu-ray Player Software. There are a lot of advantages over other players and you can download it for free to try.


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