2014 Primetime Emmys Awards Arrives

I have been looking forward the Emmy Award 2014 for quite a long time. I want to know whether ‘Big Bang’ hero can still win it or not. I also want to check who is the most popular man in the year and its play will become my pursuit for the whole year.

Until August 25, the answer is out and I’m so excited to know ‘Sheldon’ is still the one. Moreover,

There are so many nominees and the winners are limited, which can prove they are really excellent.

‘Breaking Bad’ is inevitably a wonderful TV series but I have other choice. Until now, I know little about it. After the award, I will save my time and energy to enjoy this play from the very beginning.

The play has been nominated for four times but only this time, it finally wins. With well –performed actors, exciting plot and cruel but humorous view, it has its special position of the TV plays. Now, it ended with a beautiful end.


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