“Let’s be cops” releases today, August 13, 2014

It is really a great comfort to enjoy a wonderful movie just as Transformers: Age of Extinction. But it has been one month since I watched movie. Until now, I suddenly found Let’s be cops can be a good choice for me, especially when I use my Aurora blu-ray player to enjoy it. It is released on August 13 and go to have fun.


Let’s be cops is comedy one and you must feel relaxed when enjoying it. The main characters are not real cops and the pretend to be one. There must be some reason and do you want to know why?

There are many pictures and HD trailers about it and you can have a brief knowledge before you be confused when seeing it at the cinema.

Though I haven’t watched it yet, I feel excited about it. I love comedies and I must go there to watch the exciting movie.

If you have little time to watch the film on time, don’t worry, there will be a blu-ray version and you can use Aurora blu-ray player to enjoy it. It will bring you real feel just as you are in the cinema.


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